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WEEK 17 : D

E2 – Week 17 at home:

Wow!  What an exhilarating day! The competition was at it’s best : D.  Mrs. Grubbs was sorely missed, but having the classes together was exciting (for one week anyway: )!  Thank you to all the Moms who helped with the games!



-Review Charts L, M, & N  (Pages 420 – 425) EEL GUIDE

-Daily Dialectic Discussion – pages 275 – 278 – Analytical Tasks 1 – 4 Only

-Editing Exercise – Page 273 – Review new Grammar and Spelling Rules page 274

-I like the “Words of Encouragement” verse on bottom of page 272.


Subject Complement Link – further Description

Object Complement Quiz

Lots of Grammar Quizzes!



Writing this week!  Pulling it all together.

-Student Workbook – pages 123 – 125

-Teacher Manual – pages 53 – 55

-Take your rough draft and TYPE up a final draft adding the Introductory paragraph at the beginning and concluding at the end.  You should have a total of 5 paragraphs unless otherwise instructed by your parents.


-TWSS – Pages 59 – 62 – “Five Paragraph Essay”

-SRN – Pg. 10 – “Five paragraph Basic Essay”



-Make an extra copy of the checklist on either page 124 or 125 for lesson 18.   Look over instructions on page 127 of the Student Workbook.  Choose two sources and a topic for this paper.  Suggestions on same page.  We will be doing a 3 paragraph paper (not 5 since there will only be one week to complete) – Intro., body & conclusion.



-Word Dynamo for Vocabulary Drill! Click on the games made by “Janet”.  They include all Ancient History IEW Vocab. Words through the end of the book!




Multiplication Concentration

Math Flashcards – the is an excellent variety of on-line flashcards




WEEK 16!

Week 16: (This is being posted early if you’re looking before class : ) 

Combined Essentials Class next week!  Wow! The competition will be fierce & fabulous!


-Review Charts E – Pg. 406, F – Pg. 408 and N – Pg. 424

-Engage in daily dialectic discussion with the sentences from pages 261 – 264.

-Review new punctuation and capitalization rules from page 260 and work on editing exercise – page 259.

-Optional:  “Our Mother Tongue”  – Review Sentence Structures – page 97 – 101


-Basic Sentence Patterns – Good Overview of Basic Sentence Patterns and Elements of a Sentence.  Good examples on one page of some of the different structures.

-LARGE GRAMMAR PICTURE – Another excellent source that pieces the grammar picture together in one place:

-SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK- “Shot Heard Round the World” – Revolutionary War theme



-Lesson 16 – Teacher’s Manual pgs. 51-52 & Student Book pgs. 119 – 122

This week we’ll be working on the Introduction and Conclusion.  Parents – you may decide whether your child is ready for this or not.  If not, they can stick with the three paragraphs only, but I would only recommend going this path for the younger set or first year students.  This is a great lesson that clearly shows how to do Introductory and Concluding paragraphs, and in a very manageable way.

-Remember – you have next week as well, but please space out the assignment as not to burden the student during any one week, especially not the last week.  This writing program is not meant to be torture, but rather a revelation that writing isn’t so difficult when you have the right tools to work with.   One of those tools is time.



-TWSS (Teaching Writing Structure and Style) – Pg. 22 #4 – Dramatic Opening/Closing

-SRN (Student Resource Notebook)  – Pgs. 47 & 48 – Openers/Closers



MATH (Links):

**Please let Mrs. Miller know if there is a link that isn’t working.  Sometimes they remove them – especially Schoolhouse Rock.  THANK YOU!


-Three is a magic number (Not crazy about the reference:  “ancient mystic trinity” in this song)

-Planet Blaster – You can try addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all in one spot!  You set  the range of practice – great for drill and a higher challenge!

-Multiplication hidden picture

– Division Hidden Picture

– Matho Multiplication, Division, Subtraction and Addition game.  You set the level  and type of math.  Very fun!



AT HOME (E2 – WEEK 15):

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.”  I Tim. 4:12  NIV

The “Pandora’s Box” papers were wonderful!  So excited about the fabulous writing going on in Essentials!


-Copy Chart N Pg. 424 – Verb Anatomy “To Have” – try the game we did in class.  Call out something like ” Progressive Tense – 3rd person plural – Present” and see if they can locate it on the page.

-Copy Chart K Pg. 418 – Verb Anatomy “To Be”

-If time – Review Verb Anatomy – Passive Voice – Chart DD  Pg. 448 – Use chart GG to copy – Pg. 453.

-Mastery is the goal, so review other charts as needed

-Daily Dialectic Discussion on first 3 sentences and diagramming- pages 243 – 246.

-Editing Exercise – pg. 241 and go over Punc. And Cap. And spelling rules on page 242.

See Words of Encouragement and “Dear Parent/Tutor” message on page 240.

Watch Week 4 – “Interjections” under links



-The Mini Research Paper! This will be spread out over 3 weeks.  Here is how the lesson plan presents it for level B students (6 – 8) or year two students for us:

-Week 1 (Less. 15)- There are two sources (stories) – choose topics from each.  You will choose 3 topics from each (total of 6) and then do keyword outlines for each topic (for each paper) – total of 6 keyword outlines and then you will fuse them for a total of 3 outlines- A, B & C.  After you have 3 fused outlines – Write your 3 paragraph rough draft.

-Week 2 (Less. 16) – Write your Introductory and Concluding keyword and paragraphs

-Week 3 (Less. 17)- Write your final draft.  (Total of 5 paragraphs)

***NOTE TO PARENTS:  Lean heavily on the teacher’s guide for these lessons to make sure that you’re following the ideas properly for: Fused Outlines, Introductory and Concluding Paragraphs.


Wk. 1 – Do two topical fused outlines and rough draft paragraphs

Wk. 2 – Do the 3rd topical fused outline and rough draft as well as the Introductory outline and rough draft

Wk. 3 – Do Concluding keyword and rough draft and then final draft.   (Total of 5 paragraphs)



-Wk. 1 – 1 Fused Topical keyword and paragraph

-Wk. 2 – 2nd Fused Topical Keyword and paragraph

-wk. 3 – 3rd Fused Topical Keyword, paragraph and final draft of all 3 paragraphs.

-Parents – you may choose how to vary this.  You can reduce the paper to Introduction, 2 topical paragraphs and Conclusion or Intro., 1 topic and conclusion.  You decide how you would like to handle this assignment.  The point is to understand what a “fused” outline is and to complete a mini research style paper.



-TWSS – Pages 37 – 45 – Research Papers

-SRN – Review Dress-ups, Decorations – pg. 41 and Banned Words – Pages 5 & 6

LINK:  Topic/Clincher Rule



-Schoolhouse Rock – Zero is my Hero

-Timernator – Multiplication Practice – Read Directions Carefully

– Math popper addition game.  This one begins easily enough, but it speeds up and ramps up the numbers as you  move up the levels!  Very fun and great practice!

-Math Fraction Game – Fraction adding and subtraction.  Same as above begins easily and then takes off!  Enjoy!

– Math chart – Multiplication drill – great way to see the drill

-Printable Multiplication Flashcards through 12

-Quizlet Multiplication Drill – 1 – 15


WEEK 14! : D


FYI:  Why is it important to know if a sentence is Simple, Compound or Complex? 

A writer must know how to define simple, compound, and complex sentences before using them consciously and easily. With just these three sentence types, it is possible to write good essays, with good sentence variety. 

– Copy CHART CC – page 447.

-Review charts E, H, I, L and M – this can be done verbally, partial writing – however you wish to review.

-Practice Sentence – Tasks 1 -4 only – pages 227 – 230 (3 charts only)

-Editing exercise – page 225 and review Punc. And Cap. As well as spelling rule on page 226.

– Another source:  Our Mother Tongue pages 144 – 147 covers Active and Passive Voice as well at Conjugating Verbs.


-Quizlet Parts of Speech Review

– Quizlet of Adjectives, Adverbs, Interjections, Conjunctions – (a few  of these we haven’t covered – give the students a pre-warning if they want to try this one)

– Great Definitions & Examples of Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences.

– Simple, Compound and Complex 6 question Quiz.


-ADD Lesson 14 Vocabulary Cards

-We will not be doing lesson 14 at home.  We reviewed this lesson in class and will reference it for lesson 15.

-LESSON 13 – Complete Section I – IV of your rough draft if you didn’t complete it last week. Teacher guide pages 43 & 44, and Student Workbook pages 97 – 101.

-Go through the checklist.

-Put extra thought into your conclusion.

Be sure your conclusion lets your audience know what you thought about the story, BUT NEVER USE THE WORDS “I” or “MY” when writing your opinion.  Here’s an example of a good way to give your opinion without using “I” or “MY”.  “Pandora’s Box” was an amusing story as well as a clever way to warn about the dangers of curiosity and disobedience”.

-Type your final draft.   Bring a copy of your paper showing the markings from the checklist on your paper.

REFERENCE MATERIALS (these are very helpful – take a look):

-TWSS – Pages 67 – 71 – Critiques

-SRN – Pages 11 & 12 – Critiques


Add Lesson 14 Vocabulary to your drill!  Work on Word Dynamo games for IEW vocabulary.


-1 Ticket if you have a drawing that goes along with your story.  ONE EXTRA TICKET FOR COLOR AND PIZZAZZ THIS WEEK!   Have some fun colors coming out of the box rather than scary things : )

-1 Ticket for every 3 vocabulary words you use.



-We’re finishing out the Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication songs.  Take a look at “Little Twelve Toes” and “Five Ready or Not” .  Three more left!

How did you like the Quarter Mile Demo.?  If you didn’t download it last week, I highly recommend taking a look at it.  It’s a goody.


 Week 13-at home:

So glad to be back with you all again!  I loved the break, but I missed you all very much!!

A GREAT BIG WELCOME to our new Essentials Members – Victoria (Mom) & Isabel (Daughter) Perine – all the way from Virginia!  Welcome to our class!!!


“The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work.”
Vince Lombardi

Adverbial Clause:  http://www.asia.wub (when, while, where, as, since, if, although, whereas, unless, because) – 5 tickets if you memorize it and say it  upon entering class next week!

Adjectival Clause:  5 more tickets to memorize – http://www.tw – who, whom, whose, that, which



-Spend time on Chart M – especially first five patterns – all should be copied though – pages 422 & 423.

-Review previous charts and have students work on the charts that they are least familiar – can be done orally or written or both.

-Analytical tasks 1 – 4 – pages 212 – 214 – work through slowly.

-Editing page 209 with new rules on page 210.

For further explanation of Adverbial and Adjectival clauses – see links.

-PLEASE try to at least once a week (if not more) Take a sentence and work it out on the “Quid Et Quo”.  If you don’t have the laminated copy – use the chart from page 437.  Also – refer to the laminated Trivium Tables to fill out the Quid Et Quo or the main charts to find the info.

-Contest in class on chart A this week!

-Take a look at all of the fabulous Grammar links this week!!!


-Lesson 13 – pages 43 – 44 – Teacher Manual.

This is a two week lesson.  Here is the suggested process:

Week 1 – Complete section I – IV of the “Critique Outline”.

Week 2 – Complete section V plus the final draft.

Student Workbook – Pages 97 – 102.


REFERENCE MATERIALS (these are very helpful – take a look):

-TWSS – Pages 67 – 71 – Critiques

-SRN – Pages 11 & 12 – Critiques


Add Lesson 13 Vocabulary to your drill!  Work on Word Dynamo games for IEW vocabulary.




-Quarter Mile Math – this is a great link to a demo. Of this wonderful program.  You have to download the link or you can e-mail to have them send you a demo. Disc.  The math drill topics are plentiful and the premise is that you race against your own time each time you do the same topic.  You can choose race cars or horses – very fun and excellent drill.

-School House Rock – Number 11

-Don’t forget to go back and review some of your favorite drill games from previous weeks!  Mrs. Miller’s class needs to look at Week 12 – Area and Perimeter link!!!!  Very fun!  We’ll be review in class – be prepared!

WEEK 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAY IT AIN’T SO!  It’s beyond comprehension that we’ve reached our half-way point!  What a wonderful ride : D  Hope it has been for each of you.  What a tremendous blessing to have six weeks off as well!!

Remember – you are your child’s teacher.  Below is a suggested plan for homework:


GRAMMAR – Lesson 12 Pg. 187:

-Review Verbs Chart C, Principal Parts of Verbs Chart D.

-Review all other charts with oral or written practice – mastery is the goal.  Trying writing out as much as you can without copying and see what you know.

-Engage in a daily dialectic discussion with  the assigned sentences (one week’s worth – Lesson 12) and analytical tasks.  Tasks 1 -4.

-Review Capitalization and Punctuation Guide – Pg. 192

-Editing Exercise on page 191.


I loaded you up with Quizlets this week.  With quizlet you can play a “Spelling” game where the word is read to you and you type it in, a “Learn” game where they give you the definition and you type in the word, a “Test” where all terms are reviewed and they grade your answers, and for fun drill – “Scatter” and “Space” games.  Here are the links to look for (sorry that the web-site jumbles up the weeks) 

-Quizlet – Review of Chart A

-Quizlet – General Grammar Practice (a few things we haven’t covered yet are included, but give it a go)

-Quizlet – Review Chart K – Adverbs

-Quizlet – Review Chart L – Adjectives

-Quizlet – Review Capitalization and Punctuation rules


-Read page 93 of the student workbook.  This says “optional lesson”.    You will be creating your own story.  In the 2nd paragraph on page 93, it shows you how to adapt this to an “ancient times” story.  That is totally optional.  Feel free to just create your own story or use the suggestions of known stories to play off of.   This lesson will be utilizing the tools they have learned for Narrative stories and making it their own.


Writing Reference Materials:

TWSS – Pg. 27 – 36- Narrative Story

AND Pg. 22 #5 – Simile and Metaphor.

SRN –  Pg. 44 – Similes and Metaphors


Optional – at home – Vocabulary Quiz 3


MORE VOCABULARY TICKET OPPORTUNITIES:  Write an original sentence, in cursive, for each vocabulary word that shows understanding of the definition of the word.  One ticket for every 4 sentences.


Reminder take a look at the “Word Dynamo” link for vocabulary practice. Go through Lesson 12. 


Add Lesson 12 Vocabulary cards. 



– Great Description and Practice on Perimeter and Area.

LINKS:   (Practice on those tough upper numbers) 

– Quizlet Multiplication practice – 12’s

– Quizlet Multiplication practice – 13’s

– Quizlet Multiplication practice – 14’s

­ -Quizlet Multiplication practice – 15’s

– Quizlet Square Roots Practice

Most of all we hope that you’ll use your time off to enjoy your family and do the things that you don’t  normally have time for.   Praying that each of you will have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year!!  We will miss you all very much.  Thank you all again for being such a joy each week!

Mrs. Grubbs & Mrs. Miller

WEEK 11 : D

WOWZA!  Is next week actually our 1/2 way point???  It’s hard to believe!!  Thank you all for making Essentials such a joy! 


I keep six honest serving men, They taught me all I knew,
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.





Review Charts C, D & K.  Review other charts with oral or written practice.

-Have a daily dialectic discussion with the 3 practice sentences and analytical tasks.  2nd and 3rd tour students can move on to tasks 5 & 6 and sentences 4 & 5.

-Read over the punctuation/capitalization rules as well as the spelling rules on page 180.

-Editing exercise on page 179.

-Grammar CD – I’d recommend listening to the whole CD as often as possible.  This will really help with the mastery charts.  The disc is only 20 minutes long.  Great thing to play while in the car or while doing some type of project, art, cooking, etc.



Lesson 11:  Narrative Stories

-Page 33 – 36 – Teacher’s Manual

-Page 71- 79  – Student Workbook



-TWSS – Page 27 – 36 & Page 22 #3 – 3SSS Info.

-SRN – Page 43 – 3 Short Staccato Sentences &

Page 42 – Alliteration


*Be sure to add Week 11 to your vocabulary review cards!  Check out the “Word Dynamo” link at the bottom of the links.  Great way to drill the vocab. Words.


I  highly recommend having your students do the vocabulary  games in the book this week.  Great thing to do verbally.



Be sure to send your ideas to your Tutor – Dara or Janet.  Looking forward to an exciting last day!

NO NEW LINKS TODAY!  Be sure to review all of the previous links.

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