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WEEK 22!!!!!

REMINDER – No classes this week due to “Good Friday” .    Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!



If you bring me the written definition of “addled” at the beginning of class, on Friday, April 5th, with a sentence that clearly presents the meaning of the word, I shall reward you with 5 tickets.  This is not a requirement, just an extra chance at learning a wonderful new word and earning tickets at the same time.



Take a look at the words of encouragement on page 346 in your EEL guide.  Simple, but true. 


– L – pg. 420

-Q – pg. 430, and go back and work a little each day on Verb Anatomies

– Chart K- pg. 418

– Chart N – pg. 424

– Chart O – pg. 426.   You can choose just certain areas of these last 3 charts or go over them verbally, etc.

-Daily Dialectic Discussion – pages 349 – 352.

-Editing Exercise – page 347 – Review Rules on page 348.

Review Pages 19 -22  – How to lay out a week of Essentials!



-Pages 143 – 147 in the Student Workbook

-Page 65 – Teacher Manual


-TWSS – Pages 10 & 11 – Rough Draft Tips

-SRN – no special pages – just review banned words, dress-ups and decorations

THIS IS OUR LAST IEW LESSON FOR THE YEAR!  We’ve completed the entire book!

This is a great time to put your best foot forward!  Make sure every item on the checklist is covered.  Spend time with the Introduction and Conclusion.  Dress-up those papers!

Mrs. Miller’s class will be giving “2” tickets for every “3” vocabulary words this time!  That’s double-time!

ALSO:  4 tickets if you have a hand-drawn or traced picture (not copied or printed) and  if it’s colored.

Remember:  Tickets for Title contest, looking up at least 3 times while reading your paper in class, Vocab. Words and if you have a picture to go with it.




MULTIPLICATION WORKSHEETS – This is a super duper Multiplication Drill Worksheet Generator.  You can set up many options and the drill can be through 20 or as low as you’d like.


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