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Week 20! : D

Enjoyed the duo-class today!  Hoping that all of those not feeling well, will soon be on the mend!  Who remembers the word I used today?

Yes,  it was “histrionic” – The meaning I was going for was “dramatic” or “theatrical in speech”

Have a blessed week!


-Review Prepositions Chart J – Pages 416-417.  Continue to commit these to memory (using the songs will help with this)

-Review Verb anatomy  – Chart O – Pages 426 – 427.  Try to work on this once a day.

-Review other charts – especially those that the student is having trouble with.

-Daily Dialectic Discussion – pages 317 – 320.

-Editing Exercise page 315 after previewing new rules for grammar and spelling on page 316.



Lesson 20 at home:

Student Workbook Pages 133 – 135

Teacher Manual – Page 61


1.  Notes from the Brain!  See link for some different “Greek Myth” stories to get an idea of what the Greek/Roman gods were all about.

2.  Word Dynamo – See lists “by Janet” for all of our IEW Vocabulary Words!  You may want to drill these.  Upcoming vocab. games!

Answer the same questions for the Greek Myths and Our God of the Bible  so that you have a true compare/contrast – apples to apples type of paper.

Other Reference Sources:

TWSS – No reference

SRN – Nothing Specific – check Dress-ups, Decorations and Banned Words to tighten up your papers and make them “Pop”!  It’s easy to forget details from these vital resources.  Remember to look at the Evil Ka-weasel link from “week 19”  as well as the hand-out of dress-ups.

Tickets for

-every 3 vocab. Words used (see how many of these beauties you can include!)

-Looking up 3 times during the reading of your paper

-A colorful picture to go along with your story

-Title Contest





I always suggest doing the easy level first to see how the game works.  Less frustration that way.

-Central Park Hot Air Balloon Multiplication – Click on the balloons with the right answer.  When the Blimp has complete 5 questions, click on the blimp again to restart.  It will eventually fly 20 balloons in all.

Multiplication Moon Landers – Click on the correct moon lander.  It will continue to give you questions until you get 20 correct.

Fruit Shoot Division Game – Shoot the fruit with the correct answer.  3 different levels.  You can do a timed mode on this if you’d like to up the difficulty.

Peter Pig’s Money Counter- This one is just too fun.  Don’t be put off by the easy level.  You first sort the coins, but then it gets tougher.  Beware of coins on top of each other.  If it looks like there is a coin slightly hidden under another – just move it with your mouse.  Enjoy!

-Multiplication Drill – this is a simple game to practice multiplication tables up to 12.

Multiplication Chart -This is a great way to look at how multiplication works.  Just scroll over a number and see how it works!

Fantastic Fish Shop Multiplication – Click on the right answer and it scoops a fish.  Miss more than one and the game ends.


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