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WEEK 18!

WEEK 18!

Quote:  “Procrastinating makes an easy task difficult.”  (I have this saying taped up next to my computer where I can see it daily). 

REMEMBER – You have two whole weeks to complete the following.  We will be on break Friday, February 22nd.   We’ll see you back in class on Friday, March 1st!


-Engage in Dialectic Discussion with sentences from pages 289 – 292 – tasks 1-4 only.

-Editing exercise from page 287 and review new Punc./Cap. Rules along with the spelling rules from page 288.


1.  Dictate a sentence from any previous lesson (the Analytical Task/Dialectic Discussion sentences)

2.  Students label the parts of speech.

3.  Re-write the sentence as an imperative.  You can orally tell the difference in an exclamatory and Interrogative sentence.

4.  Diagram the sentence.  – Parents if you take these from your EEL guide – you will have the answers in front of you to check their work.

-See how many mastery sheets they can complete from memory.

If time:  Review Charts A, M, & N  review all charts orally – or whatever is the best method for you – Mastery is the goal.



-Page 127 – Student Workbook

-Page 57 – Teacher Manual

-You may use an encyclopedia (on-line or hard-back book), children’s book from the library, etc.

-Choose sources below your reading level.   The goal is to easily glean information about your subject.

-Don’t try to cover everything about the subject – choose 3 topics and work on each paragraph individually.

-Write the Introduction and Conclusion after writing the 3 body paragraphs.

-If doing a 3 paragraph only  – Do 3 topics, but include an Intro. sentence in the 1st paragraph covering the overall subject and a concluding sentence in last paragraph.

-USE THE CHECKLIST from page 124 for 5 paragraph in the student workbook. 

-USE THE CHECKLIST from page 125 if doing a 3 paragraph in the student workbook. 

-Parents discretion on length of paper you choose.  I highly recommend the 5 paragraph for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students.


TWSS – Pages 40 – 45 – Research Report

**SRN –  Page 10 – 5 Paragraph Basic Essay (I’m a big fan of the Student Resource Notebook – it lays out the process in such an easy to understand fashion).



3 totally new math games!

SKIP COUNTING GAME!  Excellent skip counting game that goes up much higher than 10 x the number.  This is a goody.

MULTIPLICATION BATTLESHIP! You play against the computer.  You click on a spot on the empty board and the computer clicks on your board.  Try it out and you’ll see how it works.  You may want to begin with the “easy” level until you see how it works. 

METEOR MULTIPLICATION!  Definitely try the slow speed on this one at first.  Read instructions carefully.  Use your arrow keys to move the laser into place and use the space bar to hit the target.


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