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WEEK 17 : D

E2 – Week 17 at home:

Wow!  What an exhilarating day! The competition was at it’s best : D.  Mrs. Grubbs was sorely missed, but having the classes together was exciting (for one week anyway: )!  Thank you to all the Moms who helped with the games!



-Review Charts L, M, & N  (Pages 420 – 425) EEL GUIDE

-Daily Dialectic Discussion – pages 275 – 278 – Analytical Tasks 1 – 4 Only

-Editing Exercise – Page 273 – Review new Grammar and Spelling Rules page 274

-I like the “Words of Encouragement” verse on bottom of page 272.


Subject Complement Link – further Description

Object Complement Quiz

Lots of Grammar Quizzes!



Writing this week!  Pulling it all together.

-Student Workbook – pages 123 – 125

-Teacher Manual – pages 53 – 55

-Take your rough draft and TYPE up a final draft adding the Introductory paragraph at the beginning and concluding at the end.  You should have a total of 5 paragraphs unless otherwise instructed by your parents.


-TWSS – Pages 59 – 62 – “Five Paragraph Essay”

-SRN – Pg. 10 – “Five paragraph Basic Essay”



-Make an extra copy of the checklist on either page 124 or 125 for lesson 18.   Look over instructions on page 127 of the Student Workbook.  Choose two sources and a topic for this paper.  Suggestions on same page.  We will be doing a 3 paragraph paper (not 5 since there will only be one week to complete) – Intro., body & conclusion.



-Word Dynamo for Vocabulary Drill! Click on the games made by “Janet”.  They include all Ancient History IEW Vocab. Words through the end of the book!




Multiplication Concentration

Math Flashcards – the is an excellent variety of on-line flashcards




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