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WEEK 16!

Week 16: (This is being posted early if you’re looking before class : ) 

Combined Essentials Class next week!  Wow! The competition will be fierce & fabulous!


-Review Charts E – Pg. 406, F – Pg. 408 and N – Pg. 424

-Engage in daily dialectic discussion with the sentences from pages 261 – 264.

-Review new punctuation and capitalization rules from page 260 and work on editing exercise – page 259.

-Optional:  “Our Mother Tongue”  – Review Sentence Structures – page 97 – 101


-Basic Sentence Patterns – Good Overview of Basic Sentence Patterns and Elements of a Sentence.  Good examples on one page of some of the different structures.

-LARGE GRAMMAR PICTURE – Another excellent source that pieces the grammar picture together in one place:

-SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK- “Shot Heard Round the World” – Revolutionary War theme



-Lesson 16 – Teacher’s Manual pgs. 51-52 & Student Book pgs. 119 – 122

This week we’ll be working on the Introduction and Conclusion.  Parents – you may decide whether your child is ready for this or not.  If not, they can stick with the three paragraphs only, but I would only recommend going this path for the younger set or first year students.  This is a great lesson that clearly shows how to do Introductory and Concluding paragraphs, and in a very manageable way.

-Remember – you have next week as well, but please space out the assignment as not to burden the student during any one week, especially not the last week.  This writing program is not meant to be torture, but rather a revelation that writing isn’t so difficult when you have the right tools to work with.   One of those tools is time.



-TWSS (Teaching Writing Structure and Style) – Pg. 22 #4 – Dramatic Opening/Closing

-SRN (Student Resource Notebook)  – Pgs. 47 & 48 – Openers/Closers



MATH (Links):

**Please let Mrs. Miller know if there is a link that isn’t working.  Sometimes they remove them – especially Schoolhouse Rock.  THANK YOU!


-Three is a magic number (Not crazy about the reference:  “ancient mystic trinity” in this song)

-Planet Blaster – You can try addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all in one spot!  You set  the range of practice – great for drill and a higher challenge!

-Multiplication hidden picture

– Division Hidden Picture

– Matho Multiplication, Division, Subtraction and Addition game.  You set the level  and type of math.  Very fun!



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