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AT HOME (E2 – WEEK 15):

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.”  I Tim. 4:12  NIV

The “Pandora’s Box” papers were wonderful!  So excited about the fabulous writing going on in Essentials!


-Copy Chart N Pg. 424 – Verb Anatomy “To Have” – try the game we did in class.  Call out something like ” Progressive Tense – 3rd person plural – Present” and see if they can locate it on the page.

-Copy Chart K Pg. 418 – Verb Anatomy “To Be”

-If time – Review Verb Anatomy – Passive Voice – Chart DD  Pg. 448 – Use chart GG to copy – Pg. 453.

-Mastery is the goal, so review other charts as needed

-Daily Dialectic Discussion on first 3 sentences and diagramming- pages 243 – 246.

-Editing Exercise – pg. 241 and go over Punc. And Cap. And spelling rules on page 242.

See Words of Encouragement and “Dear Parent/Tutor” message on page 240.

Watch Week 4 – “Interjections” under links



-The Mini Research Paper! This will be spread out over 3 weeks.  Here is how the lesson plan presents it for level B students (6 – 8) or year two students for us:

-Week 1 (Less. 15)- There are two sources (stories) – choose topics from each.  You will choose 3 topics from each (total of 6) and then do keyword outlines for each topic (for each paper) – total of 6 keyword outlines and then you will fuse them for a total of 3 outlines- A, B & C.  After you have 3 fused outlines – Write your 3 paragraph rough draft.

-Week 2 (Less. 16) – Write your Introductory and Concluding keyword and paragraphs

-Week 3 (Less. 17)- Write your final draft.  (Total of 5 paragraphs)

***NOTE TO PARENTS:  Lean heavily on the teacher’s guide for these lessons to make sure that you’re following the ideas properly for: Fused Outlines, Introductory and Concluding Paragraphs.


Wk. 1 – Do two topical fused outlines and rough draft paragraphs

Wk. 2 – Do the 3rd topical fused outline and rough draft as well as the Introductory outline and rough draft

Wk. 3 – Do Concluding keyword and rough draft and then final draft.   (Total of 5 paragraphs)



-Wk. 1 – 1 Fused Topical keyword and paragraph

-Wk. 2 – 2nd Fused Topical Keyword and paragraph

-wk. 3 – 3rd Fused Topical Keyword, paragraph and final draft of all 3 paragraphs.

-Parents – you may choose how to vary this.  You can reduce the paper to Introduction, 2 topical paragraphs and Conclusion or Intro., 1 topic and conclusion.  You decide how you would like to handle this assignment.  The point is to understand what a “fused” outline is and to complete a mini research style paper.



-TWSS – Pages 37 – 45 – Research Papers

-SRN – Review Dress-ups, Decorations – pg. 41 and Banned Words – Pages 5 & 6

LINK:  Topic/Clincher Rule



-Schoolhouse Rock – Zero is my Hero

-Timernator – Multiplication Practice – Read Directions Carefully

– Math popper addition game.  This one begins easily enough, but it speeds up and ramps up the numbers as you  move up the levels!  Very fun and great practice!

-Math Fraction Game – Fraction adding and subtraction.  Same as above begins easily and then takes off!  Enjoy!

– Math chart – Multiplication drill – great way to see the drill

-Printable Multiplication Flashcards through 12

-Quizlet Multiplication Drill – 1 – 15



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