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WEEK 14! : D


FYI:  Why is it important to know if a sentence is Simple, Compound or Complex? 

A writer must know how to define simple, compound, and complex sentences before using them consciously and easily. With just these three sentence types, it is possible to write good essays, with good sentence variety. 

– Copy CHART CC – page 447.

-Review charts E, H, I, L and M – this can be done verbally, partial writing – however you wish to review.

-Practice Sentence – Tasks 1 -4 only – pages 227 – 230 (3 charts only)

-Editing exercise – page 225 and review Punc. And Cap. As well as spelling rule on page 226.

– Another source:  Our Mother Tongue pages 144 – 147 covers Active and Passive Voice as well at Conjugating Verbs.


-Quizlet Parts of Speech Review

– Quizlet of Adjectives, Adverbs, Interjections, Conjunctions – (a few  of these we haven’t covered – give the students a pre-warning if they want to try this one)

– Great Definitions & Examples of Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences.

– Simple, Compound and Complex 6 question Quiz.


-ADD Lesson 14 Vocabulary Cards

-We will not be doing lesson 14 at home.  We reviewed this lesson in class and will reference it for lesson 15.

-LESSON 13 – Complete Section I – IV of your rough draft if you didn’t complete it last week. Teacher guide pages 43 & 44, and Student Workbook pages 97 – 101.

-Go through the checklist.

-Put extra thought into your conclusion.

Be sure your conclusion lets your audience know what you thought about the story, BUT NEVER USE THE WORDS “I” or “MY” when writing your opinion.  Here’s an example of a good way to give your opinion without using “I” or “MY”.  “Pandora’s Box” was an amusing story as well as a clever way to warn about the dangers of curiosity and disobedience”.

-Type your final draft.   Bring a copy of your paper showing the markings from the checklist on your paper.

REFERENCE MATERIALS (these are very helpful – take a look):

-TWSS – Pages 67 – 71 – Critiques

-SRN – Pages 11 & 12 – Critiques


Add Lesson 14 Vocabulary to your drill!  Work on Word Dynamo games for IEW vocabulary.


-1 Ticket if you have a drawing that goes along with your story.  ONE EXTRA TICKET FOR COLOR AND PIZZAZZ THIS WEEK!   Have some fun colors coming out of the box rather than scary things : )

-1 Ticket for every 3 vocabulary words you use.



-We’re finishing out the Schoolhouse Rock Multiplication songs.  Take a look at “Little Twelve Toes” and “Five Ready or Not” .  Three more left!

How did you like the Quarter Mile Demo.?  If you didn’t download it last week, I highly recommend taking a look at it.  It’s a goody.


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