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 Week 13-at home:

So glad to be back with you all again!  I loved the break, but I missed you all very much!!

A GREAT BIG WELCOME to our new Essentials Members – Victoria (Mom) & Isabel (Daughter) Perine – all the way from Virginia!  Welcome to our class!!!


“The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work.”
Vince Lombardi

Adverbial Clause:  http://www.asia.wub (when, while, where, as, since, if, although, whereas, unless, because) – 5 tickets if you memorize it and say it  upon entering class next week!

Adjectival Clause:  5 more tickets to memorize – http://www.tw – who, whom, whose, that, which



-Spend time on Chart M – especially first five patterns – all should be copied though – pages 422 & 423.

-Review previous charts and have students work on the charts that they are least familiar – can be done orally or written or both.

-Analytical tasks 1 – 4 – pages 212 – 214 – work through slowly.

-Editing page 209 with new rules on page 210.

For further explanation of Adverbial and Adjectival clauses – see links.

-PLEASE try to at least once a week (if not more) Take a sentence and work it out on the “Quid Et Quo”.  If you don’t have the laminated copy – use the chart from page 437.  Also – refer to the laminated Trivium Tables to fill out the Quid Et Quo or the main charts to find the info.

-Contest in class on chart A this week!

-Take a look at all of the fabulous Grammar links this week!!!


-Lesson 13 – pages 43 – 44 – Teacher Manual.

This is a two week lesson.  Here is the suggested process:

Week 1 – Complete section I – IV of the “Critique Outline”.

Week 2 – Complete section V plus the final draft.

Student Workbook – Pages 97 – 102.


REFERENCE MATERIALS (these are very helpful – take a look):

-TWSS – Pages 67 – 71 – Critiques

-SRN – Pages 11 & 12 – Critiques


Add Lesson 13 Vocabulary to your drill!  Work on Word Dynamo games for IEW vocabulary.




-Quarter Mile Math – this is a great link to a demo. Of this wonderful program.  You have to download the link or you can e-mail to have them send you a demo. Disc.  The math drill topics are plentiful and the premise is that you race against your own time each time you do the same topic.  You can choose race cars or horses – very fun and excellent drill.

-School House Rock – Number 11

-Don’t forget to go back and review some of your favorite drill games from previous weeks!  Mrs. Miller’s class needs to look at Week 12 – Area and Perimeter link!!!!  Very fun!  We’ll be review in class – be prepared!


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