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WEEK 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAY IT AIN’T SO!  It’s beyond comprehension that we’ve reached our half-way point!  What a wonderful ride : D  Hope it has been for each of you.  What a tremendous blessing to have six weeks off as well!!

Remember – you are your child’s teacher.  Below is a suggested plan for homework:


GRAMMAR – Lesson 12 Pg. 187:

-Review Verbs Chart C, Principal Parts of Verbs Chart D.

-Review all other charts with oral or written practice – mastery is the goal.  Trying writing out as much as you can without copying and see what you know.

-Engage in a daily dialectic discussion with  the assigned sentences (one week’s worth – Lesson 12) and analytical tasks.  Tasks 1 -4.

-Review Capitalization and Punctuation Guide – Pg. 192

-Editing Exercise on page 191.


I loaded you up with Quizlets this week.  With quizlet you can play a “Spelling” game where the word is read to you and you type it in, a “Learn” game where they give you the definition and you type in the word, a “Test” where all terms are reviewed and they grade your answers, and for fun drill – “Scatter” and “Space” games.  Here are the links to look for (sorry that the web-site jumbles up the weeks) 

-Quizlet – Review of Chart A

-Quizlet – General Grammar Practice (a few things we haven’t covered yet are included, but give it a go)

-Quizlet – Review Chart K – Adverbs

-Quizlet – Review Chart L – Adjectives

-Quizlet – Review Capitalization and Punctuation rules


-Read page 93 of the student workbook.  This says “optional lesson”.    You will be creating your own story.  In the 2nd paragraph on page 93, it shows you how to adapt this to an “ancient times” story.  That is totally optional.  Feel free to just create your own story or use the suggestions of known stories to play off of.   This lesson will be utilizing the tools they have learned for Narrative stories and making it their own.


Writing Reference Materials:

TWSS – Pg. 27 – 36- Narrative Story

AND Pg. 22 #5 – Simile and Metaphor.

SRN –  Pg. 44 – Similes and Metaphors


Optional – at home – Vocabulary Quiz 3


MORE VOCABULARY TICKET OPPORTUNITIES:  Write an original sentence, in cursive, for each vocabulary word that shows understanding of the definition of the word.  One ticket for every 4 sentences.


Reminder take a look at the “Word Dynamo” link for vocabulary practice. Go through Lesson 12. 


Add Lesson 12 Vocabulary cards. 



– Great Description and Practice on Perimeter and Area.

LINKS:   (Practice on those tough upper numbers) 

– Quizlet Multiplication practice – 12’s

– Quizlet Multiplication practice – 13’s

– Quizlet Multiplication practice – 14’s

­ -Quizlet Multiplication practice – 15’s

– Quizlet Square Roots Practice

Most of all we hope that you’ll use your time off to enjoy your family and do the things that you don’t  normally have time for.   Praying that each of you will have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year!!  We will miss you all very much.  Thank you all again for being such a joy each week!

Mrs. Grubbs & Mrs. Miller


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