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WEEK 11 : D

WOWZA!  Is next week actually our 1/2 way point???  It’s hard to believe!!  Thank you all for making Essentials such a joy! 


I keep six honest serving men, They taught me all I knew,
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.





Review Charts C, D & K.  Review other charts with oral or written practice.

-Have a daily dialectic discussion with the 3 practice sentences and analytical tasks.  2nd and 3rd tour students can move on to tasks 5 & 6 and sentences 4 & 5.

-Read over the punctuation/capitalization rules as well as the spelling rules on page 180.

-Editing exercise on page 179.

-Grammar CD – I’d recommend listening to the whole CD as often as possible.  This will really help with the mastery charts.  The disc is only 20 minutes long.  Great thing to play while in the car or while doing some type of project, art, cooking, etc.



Lesson 11:  Narrative Stories

-Page 33 – 36 – Teacher’s Manual

-Page 71- 79  – Student Workbook



-TWSS – Page 27 – 36 & Page 22 #3 – 3SSS Info.

-SRN – Page 43 – 3 Short Staccato Sentences &

Page 42 – Alliteration


*Be sure to add Week 11 to your vocabulary review cards!  Check out the “Word Dynamo” link at the bottom of the links.  Great way to drill the vocab. Words.


I  highly recommend having your students do the vocabulary  games in the book this week.  Great thing to do verbally.



Be sure to send your ideas to your Tutor – Dara or Janet.  Looking forward to an exciting last day!

NO NEW LINKS TODAY!  Be sure to review all of the previous links.


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