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Week 10 : D

Unbelievable!  Only two more weeks until our break!  Boy, how time has flown!!


Chart L – Work on copying and mastering  Adjective  Chart L – pg. 420

-There is a very handy list on page 443.  It has the 8 parts of speech and the questions to ask to identify each.  Students should have 8 parts of speech memorized.

Work on the following charts – written or verbal:

Chart C – Verbs – Pg. 402

Chart D – Principal parts of verbs:  Irregular Verbs – Pg. 404

Chart G – Model sentences – Pg. 410

Chart K – Verb Anatomy – To Be – Pg. 418

-Make sure to do the dialectic discussion (Analytical Task sheet) of sentences daily  – one for each day – total of three for  first tour students and three to five for 2nd and 3rd tour.  You will find these on pages 170 – 174.

-Editing Exercise is on page 167 and the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling rules can be found on page 168.

-Words of Encouragement (always helpful!) – page 166.

-Our Mother Tongue – Adjective info. and practice begins on page 20 and Predicate Adjectives on page 91.

ENCOURAGEMENT:  Here is an encouragement to use your Quid Et Quo Fold out at home.  If you don’t have the laminate copy, you can find a copy on page  437 or for the adventurous 3rd & 4th tour students – check out page 439. 

The Quid Et Quo is a wonderful tool to use in conjunction with your Trivium Table.  If your student is able to fill these out – they are truly mastering the concepts, even if not doing them by memory, but just by figuring out what the correct answers are. 


Read Kellog Diagrammer (This is not listed under Week 10, but rather as a general listing) 

Here is a very handy tool.  It is a free on-line sentence diagrammer.  This tool sometimes varies form from the Essentials Guide, but it can also be used to decipher parts of speech.  A nice tool for parents so that you can make up your own sentence or have your child make up their own sentence, and still have a way of checking the parts of speech.   I wouldn’t recommend having the student use it.  It’s mainly a helper for parents as the teacher in the home. 


Type in your complete sentence with endmark  punctuation and click “enter” key. 

If you’d like to see the part of speech, just scroll mouse over the word. 


– Grammar Rock Adjectives

-Grammar Blast Adjective and Adverbs Quiz

– Predicate/Adjective Examples

– On-line Adverb/Adjective quiz – go to the bottom of the page.




No new vocabulary this week!  Review all previous weeks.  Check out the Word Dynamo games link for vocabulary!


OPTION  1 -Work on the Story Sequence of the “The Fall of Babylon”.    – Lesson 10 – Student Workbook pages 61 – 70.  Be sure to incorporate the new dress-up:  “Conversation”.   Remember – add in some personality, names, etc.  Make this story your own.

-Lesson 10 – Teacher Guide – pages 29 – 31.


OPTION 2 –   Continue working on Lesson 9 for completion this week.  Please incorporate the new dress-up – “Conversation” into your paper.



-SRN – Student Resource Notebook help – Page 9 – models Story Sequence  AND page 67 & 68 – reinforcement  of Quotation Rules.

-TWSS – Pgs. 27 – 36   AND Conversation pg. 22 #2.

-This will be a three paragraph paper, so devise the best plan for your child.  You may shorten or lengthen each paragraph if desired.  Each student may also change the details of the paper  – characters, names, setting, how things were done, etc., but the story must be about “The Fall of Babylon”.  I would recommend keeping some of the details from each paragraph in the original story, so the paper doesn’t lose focus.  You will only need (see checklist) one of each dress-up for the entire paper (not per paragraph).

-HAPPY WRITING!  This is a fabulous tool – enjoy!



Don’t forget to work on your Math Carnival Game!  It’s only two weeks away!!! 

Another added bonus – Challenge A will be attending our Carnival! 

Because candy will be on sale the day after Halloween, it would be a make a great, cost effective prize.   Please Note:   Prizes should be as minimal cost as possible.  Stickers work well or little trinkets. 


Math links this week:

– Coin Madness – Add different coins to match the equation.  Just click on as many coins as you need to make the total.

-Basic Fractions matching game – Click on the pizza slices that match the fraction until you have them all matched.

-Mixed Fractions – Click on the pizza slices that match the mixed fractions until you have them all matched.

-Advanced Fractions –  Match the fractions that are shown in different forms.

– Mixed Operations – subtraction, multiplication, division, addition – all mixed – can you match them?

– Time Conversions –  Do you know your time, days, weeks, months, etc.?




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