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At Home –

A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.
– George Santayana


Extra Credit – 1 ticket – Write an Acronym for your name.  If you don’t know what “acronym” means – check it out in the dictionary.

FOR NEXT WEEK – There will be a cost to enter the classroom next week.  I want to hear you tell me the words for FANBOYS – For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So.  If you can do this the first try – you’ll receive a ticket.   If you can’t – you go to the end of the line and try again after listening to everyone else.



-Write out and go over charts:

G (112 Model Sentences:  Compound) Pg. 410

H (Conjunctions) Pg. 412

-Review mastery charts A – F – this is your decision – can be written, oral, games, etc. – whatever works best for you.

-Go over new punctuation and capitalization rule as well as spelling rule on pg. 112.

-Do editing exercise  on page 111.

-Do Practice Sentences on pages 114 – 116 – Analytical Tasks 1 – 4 (+ 5 & 6 for advanced students).

-FIRST QUARTER AT HOME TEST:  Page 109.  This is a review test, to take at home,  for you to evaluate what your child knows and what he/she needs work on.


-Schoolhouse Rock – Conjunction Junction

Remember to look at previous links for drill work. 



SEE “THE ASSIGNMENT” on page 34 of the Student Workbook.

TWSS – Overview of summarizing from notes – page 9 and page 19 – Dramatic Openers

SRN – page 46 – Dramatic Openers

-NOTE: It’s helpful to re-tell the story, from your keyword, out loud before writing.

-Mark as shown on your example page “Evil Ka-Weasal…”

-Highlight any vocabulary words used in your paper.

-ADD Week 6 Vocabulary cards to your ring.  Check out Word Dynamo to drill these cards.


-Best Title Contest

– Receive one ticket for drawing a picture to go with your writing – this is a great week to do a picture!! 

-One ticket for every two vocabulary words used in your paragraph (up to 6 words – 3 tickets).




-You-tube video of a teacher showing an example of how to do the IEW dress-ups.



Take a look at gallons, quarts, pints, cups around your house.  See if they “measure up” to our chart! 


Multiplication Wash-up – This is a great game.  The students move up a window-washing floor for each correct answer.  When they’ve answered 5 correctly – they get to add a fun thing to their window washer background.  The music gets to be a bit much.


Dinosaur Dig –  Multiplication game – make sure to get to 25 correct answers.  There is a surprise use of the bones. 


Math Madness Add Like Mad – Do the same with subtraction, multiplication and division.   Make sure you read the directions on this one.  You may use as many numbers as you need to get your answer.


-Math Pacman – This one might be frustrating at first – maybe the adults should try!  It’s a pacman version of math.  Read the directions and start eating!


-Schoolhouse Rock – I got 6!





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