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WOW – Week 5 – next week will mark the first 1/4 completed!



-Please always read the “At Home” instructions given in every weekly lesson.  This week’s “At Home” is located on page 92.

-Copywork – Charts A – F (no new charts this week!) – See how much students can do from memory.

-Work on practice sentences one, two and three on pages 98 – 100.  One a day.  You should be using the Analytical Task sheet from page 435 for your daily practice.  Please be sure to be consistent with the question/answer flow.  If you have been in Essentials more than a year – try Task 5 and possibly 6.

-Review spelling and punctuation rules on page 96.

-Editing exercise on page 95.

-Page 178 of Our Mother Tongue has a description of Interrogative, Exclamatory and Declarative Sentences (doesn’t show Imperative)


-See LINK for English with Jim – – Reviewing of all 4 Sentence Purposes – Imperative, Interrogative, Exclamatory and Declarative.  Short quiz at the end of video.

-See LINK for Homophones – To, Two, Too – You can change background colors on this one.

-See LINK for all the lyrics to the Schoolhouse Rock songs!  You can print them out as we use them if you’d like.



SEE “THE ASSIGNMENT” on page 25 of the Student Workbook.

TWSS – Unit I –  beginning on page 5 & Unit II beginning on page 9  – Examples of Key Word Outlines.

SRN – Page 36 – 5 Senses Examples

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As the teacher, you decide what you feel your student is ready for – either one, two or three paragraphs.  This will only be a one week assignment.

-Administer Vocabulary Quiz One from page 73 of your Teacher’s Manual.  This is optional.  To make the quiz more time-efficient, you may want to put a number next to each answer and let them fill in the number instead of each word.

-NOTE: It’s helpful to re-tell the story, from your keyword, out loud before writing.

-Mark as shown on your example page “Evil Ka-Weasal…”

-Highlight any vocabulary words used in your paper.


-Best Title Contest

– Receive one ticket for drawing a picture to go with your writing. 

-Ticket if you use two vocabulary words in your writing.


This week – continue to work on multiplication, division, addition and subtraction and we’ve added squares and square roots!

Check out the links this week for:

Square Roots Practice.  See how many you can get without making a mistake!  This drill goes on and on.

– Study Stack – Square Roots – first click on the box on the left and then click the answer box and it will draw a line to connect.  Click even if both are empty.

Square Root Song – – Kind of a hip hop song to teach squaring and square roots – sung to “Old MacDonald”

Schoolhouse Rock – 4 Legged – Zoo – Multiplication 4’s

Crazy Cone Multiplication Game – I would recommend the hard level on this one.  The “Customers in Line” tell you the number of problems.  Move the scooper over the correct number and click.

Diaper Derby Division– Fun little game – you choose which numbers to work on – Choose “Hard” on this one.

Win a Million Subtraction game.  This is a tougher one, but has lots of great opportunities to teach that math is easier than it looks.  Good one for the parents to sit next to and simplify what they’re looking at.

Win a Million Addition game.  Same as Subtraction game only with Addition.  Can you win a million?



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