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Week 4 – At Home:

ANOTHER FABULOUS WEEK WITH OUT OUTSTANDING STUDENTS!  Your papers were wonderful!  I’m amazed at your level of writing!!

Here’s the word for the week:  Sarcasm  – Bring me the word with a definition for a ticket next Friday!  (Mrs. Miller’s class)

GRAMMAR SONGS!!  The first 12 songs will apply to what we’ve already been speaking of in class. Great thing to do in the van!  Happy Listening!!  (Mrs. Miller’s Class)


Write out charts A – F (one of each is fine)  for review

Do practice sentences 1, 2 & 3 on pages 84 – 86.  Make sure to cover the Analytical Tasks (pg. 435) for each of these sentences.  If you are on Tour 1 or 2 – 2nd or 3rd year student – consider doing sentence 4 and/or 5 each week and moving on to task 5 and/or 6.

Review spelling and punc. And cap. Rules on page 82.  Remember there are Spelling lists beginning on page 467 with the rules listed on the pages just prior.  For more grammar exercises – check out your IEW Student Resource Notebook or “Our Mother Tongue” book.

Do editing exercise on page 81- Try to cover one or two sentences a day.


-Word Frog – Antonyms, Homonyms, & Synonyms

-Schoolhouse Rock – Interjections!  Love this song!

-CHART A – Quizlet Games!  Great way to drill Chart A!!

-Bug Catcher Plural Nouns – Make sure to read the directions on this one.  Happy bug catching!

-50 Homophones!



SEE “THE ASSIGNMENT” on the bottom of page 21 in the Student Workbook.

TWSS – Unit I beginning on page 5 & Unit II beginning on page 9  – Examples of Key Word Outlines.

SRN – Page 46 – Dramatic Sentence Opener Examples

NOTE: It’s helpful to re-tell the story, from your keyword, out loud before writing.

Mark as shown on your example page “Evil Ka-Weasal…”

Highlight any vocabulary words used in your paper.

At home Vocabulary Quiz next week.   – Parents – Answers on page 17 of your Teacher’s Guide.


-Best Title Contest

– Receive one ticket for drawing a picture to go with your writing. 

-Ticket if you use two vocabulary words in your writing.




-Schoolhouse Rock – #9!  Watch this all the way through.  Not crazy about the pool-hall theme, but it has good info.!

-Make Your Own Multiplication Game!

-Mad Minute Subtraction

-Mad Minute Multiplication




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