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A prudent question is one-half of wisdom. 

Francis Bacon 



This is one mind-boggling lesson (how’s that for a dress-up?) !  Next week begins the normal lesson pace – so hang in there!  My advice is just to read over the material and get a feel for what is coming up.

For homework this week –

“At Home Instructions” are on page 63.  Also note the WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT ON THE SAME PAGE.

-Read through Week 3 Lesson beginning on page 43.

-Complete mastery charts for Nouns and Pronouns beginning on page 406 and ending on page 409. Review previous charts.  It is your option how you do this – you can just have them re-read them, state them verbally or copy each.

-Cover the Analytical Tasks 1 – 3 using sentences on pages 69, 70 & 71.  You should cover just one sentence per day.  If you feel equipped or want to venture out – feel free to include Task 4  (diagramming).   Students may use the Analytical Task Sheet from page 435 to write their sentence and complete the task.  Parents have the answers on each of these pages.  Parents should ask students questions to guide them through the task. If this is your 2nd or 3rd year and you think your child is ready for more of a challenge – consider moving on to task 5 and/or 6.

-Review previous punctuation and spelling rules and go over the new rules given on page 66.  These are great for handwriting practice.  If using a notebook – you can keep a nice running list of these rules.

-Editing Exercise on page 65. (remember – this is best done as a sentence a day – dictated at first).




Week 3 – Writing ASSIGNMENT –

-Read the history note on page 18 of the Student Workbook, so that your student better understands the Sumerian Civilization.  We will be referring to them for the three lessons.

-Read over the checklist pg. 19 of the student workbook- make sure the students understand what is needed and how to label.  Parents, please proof-read before they do their final draft.   Bring your marked copy along with a clean final draft on Friday.

**NOTE – Please use a highlighter to mark any vocabulary words used.

TWSS – Unit I beginning on page 5 & Unit II beginning on page 9  – Examples of Key Word Outlines.

(Complete outline if we didn’t complete in class)

-Verbally (out loud) – re-tell this story just  from the key words to a parent before writing your rough draft.  If you can’t re-tell it – take a look at the story again.  You can change a couple of keywords if that helps.

-(Brainstorm Strong Verbs, Adjectives and “Ly” words on page 17 – Student Workbook if we didn’t complete in class).

-Re-write the “Ziggurats” story from pg. 16 – Student Workbook – in your own words using your outline only – don’t look at the original paragraph.   – Mark as previously shown from the “Evil Ka-Weasel…” example paper.

-Creative title repeating or reflecting an idea from your closing sentence.




-Best Title Contest begins this week!  1st, 2nd and 3rd place tickets!

– Receive one ticket for drawing a picture to go with your writing. 

-Ticket if you use two vocabulary words in your writing.


-Punch out vocabulary cards for week 3 to add to your ring.



Fishing Addition

Fishing Subtraction


Simple Division


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