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ANOTHER EXCITING WEEK IN ESSENTIALS – ALBEIT MUCH TO SHORT!  Mrs. Grubbs and Mrs. Miller sure could have used more time this week!  Thank you to all of the parents for bringing the yummy ingredients for our 112 Classification Chart Example!

FABULOUS POEMS!  You could hear the effort that each of you put into including your dress-ups, decorations and vocab. words!  Beautiful!!



Parents – for the Editing Exercise on page 41 (and follow this pattern for every week)  1.  Do one sentence a day

2.  Let them see the incorrect sentence

3. Cover the sentence

4.  Dictate the sentence and have them do it correctly. 

5.  Help them with any missed corrections.

IF this is a 1st year student/younger student – just do the sentence together orally and if time – have the copy the corrected sentence. 


CHART C – Pg. 402 & 403 – Gateway to the world of Verbs!

CHART D – Pg. 404 – 405

Pages 137 – 167 of “Our Mother Tongue” – specifics on all of these types of verbs. 

Page 42 –

New Punc. & Cap. Rule: “Use the appropriate end mark for the purpose of the sentence, such as period (.), exclamation point (!), or question mark (?).

Spelling Rule:   f, l, and s are usually doubled after a short vowel at the end of a one syllable word.  (puff, bell, toss).  Speaking of syllables –    How many syllable in the word Syllable (3) – Participle (4) – Supercalifragilistic (8) . 


Reminder beginning on  Pg. 467 are weekly spelling lists if you choose to use these.

Pg.  485 begins a homophone list.  Great drill work! 



Wk. 2 – HOMOPHONE WORD MATCH (be sure to read definitions at the bottom of the page – I recommend beginning with level one)
Wk. 2 – VERB, NOUN or BOTH game
Wk. 2 –  FROG VERBS (look down right column and click on Frog Verbs and then try Frog Verbs II) Click on the frog with the correct “past tense” verb.



-See “THE ASSIGNMENT” at the top of page 12 of your Student Workbook.

SRN – Examples – Beginning on page 19  – Strong Verbs and page 24 – “Ly” Adverbs and Quality Adjectives.

Be careful not to copy the example poem from page 14, but rather just to get a general idea of what the poem should look like.

-Bring in a typed finished copy with the title underlined, name directly below, and Lesson# and date below that as well as a typed copy marked for Mrs. Miller/Mrs. Grubbs to view while you’re reading.  (Look at Evil Ka-Weasel… paper for how to mark)

-If you do a picture – make sure to include your name on the back and lesson #.

**Note – Please use a highlighter to mark any vocabulary words used.

***See Writing schedule for TWSS and SRN reference pages.

TICKETS Receive a ticket for drawing a picture to go with the poem.  Color really helps make these pictures attractive in your year-end portfolio. 

-Ticket if you use two vocabulary words in the poem.

-Punch out vocabulary cards to add to your ring.  Try to incorporate a vocabulary word or two into your poem.


Word for the week:  “Larder”  – Write the word with the most common definition (usually number one definition) and use it properly in a sentence.



Wk. 2 – Lucky Seven Sampson (Note the good tips for multiplying 7 x 11 through 7 x 15 – toward the end of video)

Wk. 2 – FARM FREAK-OUT:  Fun subtraction game.  This is very basic subtraction, but the key is to do it quickly and accurately.  It speeds up as it goes along.  Don’t click an answer twice or it will count one as correct and one as wrong.
Wk. 2 – Patty’s Paints Multiplication – This is a multiplication drill up to 12’s.  You select your category.  This is one of my personal favorites!  You get to paint every detail of a car at the end of your set and then you get to race your time.  Very fun!

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