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WOW – What an exciting day!  Mrs. Grubbs and Mrs. Miller are both loving their new classes!  Thank you for your wonderful participation!   Looking forward to our year together!!


Copy Mastery Charts A (Sentence Classification) & B (112 Model Sentences) (Daily) – Pages 398 – 401 – EEL Guide daily.

It is suggested that parents review Mastery Charts with Student orally as well as copywork.

-Note the “At Home” Instructions on page 29 – 30.

-Editing exercise on page 31. There will be one of these each week. You may want to break it down into a few sentences a day. Let them find what they can and then go over the other items that needed editing.

You may want to use the Spelling list on page 467 for your weekly spelling.

Review Spelling Rule and Punctuation Rule – you can have student write it out and/or go over it orally each day – located on page 32.
-See Link – “The Tale of Mr. Morton” – Subject / Predicate video
-See Link – Homophone on-line game/drill
-See Link – 8 parts of speech on-line game/drill

-Grammar Game Review 1 & 2




-Underline and center Title

-Type your first and last name directly below title

-Type the Lesson# and Date Below the name


The Ancient World

By:  John Smith

Lesson 1 – 8/24/12


Lesson 1 – pages 7 – 10 in the Student Book and pages 9 – 10 in the Teacher’s Manual.

Other Resources:

-Appendix A – page 152 – Student Workbook – Quality Adjectives List

-SRN – Page 28 – 34  – Quality Adjectives and

Page 42 SRN – Alliteration


-Brainstorm and write two verses of your poem each day.  On day 4, type a final draft.  Don’t forget the closing two lines.   Please mark papers as per example sheet – “Evil Ka-Weasel…”  (NOTE TO SELF – DO Example sheet as an attachment” Bring me your rough draft with markings and a final typed draft with no extra markings.


1. You will receive one ticket for every vocabulary word you use once.

2. Draw a picture to go along with your paper.  Please label the back of your picture with the Lesson#/Date and your name.  You may draw the picture on the same paper as your final if you wish.  If separate paper – please use a standard size sheet of 8 1/2 x 11.

-Remember to put at least one “Alliteration” in the poem.

-There is an example on page 10 of the Student Workbook, but I would avoid it.  It has someone else’s pictures from their head and if you read it, it may be hard to come up with your own.  The parents should read it to get the idea.

-Pull out Vocabulary Cards from the back of Student Workbook for “Lesson 1”.  Make sure to write a 1 in the right corner of each card and a single hole punch on the left side of card.  Place on a ring for easy drill practice.



-9’s Times Table trick – LINK

-11’s  – Schoolhouse Rock Math – LINK

Remember our math grammar terms:

Quotient – Division

Sum – Addition

Difference – Subtraction

Product – Multiplication

Square – Number times itself  EX:  2 squared = 4

Square Root – Reverse Square  EX:   Square root of 4 is 2


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