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Week 24

WEEK 24:

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”
― Robert Frost


Ideas for summer to keep all of this wonderful info. fresh in your brains:

1. Pick 5 charts and concentrate on them for the month of May. (tape them up and look them over, copy them, and do them from memory.)


2. Do this with another set of five charts in each summer month.


3. Each child should copy each chart at least five times this summer. (***Insert them in your spiral notebook…There may be tickets in store for those who complete this assignment. )



To keep up those writing skills  – IEW offers a 6 week on-line class for grades 4 – 6 or 6 – 8 for $99, but you do need the materials for Level A or B.    Here is the link if you’d like to explore that option:  http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/online


Another idea may be going through the Teaching Writing Structure and Style Book.  Just enjoy and choose any lesson.  Here is a link for some FREE resources from IEW (you must create a log-in to view) – http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/free-downloads




“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi



All the good work you have done this year is the crowning achievement to your success. Be confident! You know so much about the English language. I hope you are empowered by your studies this year. There is power in knowledge and you have it! Most importantly, you serve a loving God who wants to see you succeed in all things.


Philippians 4:8

King James Version (KJV)

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.




Mrs. Grubbs and Mrs. Miller




-PRACTICE/REVIEW CHARTS – I – Adverbs Pg. 414, Q – Verbals Pg. 430, and EE – Verb Moods – Pg. 449.

-Oral review for previous charts.

-Daily Dialectic Discussion – Analytical Tasks 1 -4 (or 1 – 6 for the experienced Essentials Student) – pages 367 – 372.

-Editing Exercise – page 365 including new rules on page 366.

-Take a look at those “Words of Encouragement” on page 364.



No writing assignment this week.   We have completed the book!

This is a great week to really drill those vocabulary words.  We will be having vocabulary games on Friday – so sharpen those skills!



-You choose the game!  Lots of exciting math games on this site.

– “Who Wants to be a Mathionaire”  – There are 4 help-lines with this – very fun – Difficulty level is raised with this game!

On-line “time” worksheet.  The site checks your answers for you and gives you the corrections. 

WEEK 22!!!!!

REMINDER – No classes this week due to “Good Friday” .    Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday!



If you bring me the written definition of “addled” at the beginning of class, on Friday, April 5th, with a sentence that clearly presents the meaning of the word, I shall reward you with 5 tickets.  This is not a requirement, just an extra chance at learning a wonderful new word and earning tickets at the same time.



Take a look at the words of encouragement on page 346 in your EEL guide.  Simple, but true. 


– L – pg. 420

-Q – pg. 430, and go back and work a little each day on Verb Anatomies

– Chart K- pg. 418

– Chart N – pg. 424

– Chart O – pg. 426.   You can choose just certain areas of these last 3 charts or go over them verbally, etc.

-Daily Dialectic Discussion – pages 349 – 352.

-Editing Exercise – page 347 – Review Rules on page 348.

Review Pages 19 -22  – How to lay out a week of Essentials!



-Pages 143 – 147 in the Student Workbook

-Page 65 – Teacher Manual


-TWSS – Pages 10 & 11 – Rough Draft Tips

-SRN – no special pages – just review banned words, dress-ups and decorations

THIS IS OUR LAST IEW LESSON FOR THE YEAR!  We’ve completed the entire book!

This is a great time to put your best foot forward!  Make sure every item on the checklist is covered.  Spend time with the Introduction and Conclusion.  Dress-up those papers!

Mrs. Miller’s class will be giving “2” tickets for every “3” vocabulary words this time!  That’s double-time!

ALSO:  4 tickets if you have a hand-drawn or traced picture (not copied or printed) and  if it’s colored.

Remember:  Tickets for Title contest, looking up at least 3 times while reading your paper in class, Vocab. Words and if you have a picture to go with it.




MULTIPLICATION WORKSHEETS – This is a super duper Multiplication Drill Worksheet Generator.  You can set up many options and the drill can be through 20 or as low as you’d like.

Week 21 At Home

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”
-Mario Andretti

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.” -Roger Bannister


AS PROMISED – take a look under

Wk. 21 Links-

– Who/whom Rule

– Who vs. That/Which Rule

-Whoever/Whomever Rule


 Also, check out the quizzes for:

-who/whom, that/which

-who/whom, whoever/whomever


These all hale from the Blue Book of Grammar.  Great Resource with lots of free quizzes and rules on-line.  



-Pg. 428-429 – 112 Model Sentences: Compound-Complex – (Chart P)

-Pg. 412-413 – Conjunctions (Chart H)

-Pg. 430 – 431 – Verbals (Chart Q) – Notice – this is our last chart!

-Daily Dialectic Discussion – pages 333 – 336

-Editing Exercise – page 331 – Reviewing Punctuation/Capitalization and Spelling  – page 332.

Good words of encouragement at the bottom of page 330!



Student Workbook – Pages 137 – 141

Teacher Manual    – Page 63

“A Personal Essay”

This lesson is just too fun!  We get to hear all about YOU!

You are going to write about this:  “many objects and activities common today did not exist then.  What 3 things would you miss most if you lived in ancient times?  Write why you would miss them and how your life would be different without them.


Refer to lesson’s 8 & 17 for examples of the structure of this paper

Use the SAMPLE Questions on page 138 for each of the 3 paragraphs


-TWSS – Pages 53 – 58 – Creative Writing

-SRN – Nothing specific – review Dress-ups, Decorations and Banned Words

***To practice vocabulary – I’ve added a link to “Word Dynamo” at the bottom of the links – not under a specific week.  (I obviously have no control over the order that the links pop up or I would have added this to the top!!)

This is a new link that will take you directly to the page.  Easier access for the upcoming weeks.  There will be a class vocabulary test coming up in Mrs. M’s class and lots of fun vocabulary games, so take advantage of this easy and enjoyable way to learn vocabulary!


Word Dynamo Vocabulary (click on “by Janet” set)



Review all previous links


-Place Value game:  Use arrows to dodge other cars.

-Baseball Adding Decimals:  Click on the batter when the pitch is thrown.

-Counting Money:  This is a good one to have your parents sitting with you while you try to choose the least amount of coins and bills possible to come up with the answer.


Week 20! : D

Enjoyed the duo-class today!  Hoping that all of those not feeling well, will soon be on the mend!  Who remembers the word I used today?

Yes,  it was “histrionic” – The meaning I was going for was “dramatic” or “theatrical in speech”

Have a blessed week!


-Review Prepositions Chart J – Pages 416-417.  Continue to commit these to memory (using the songs will help with this)

-Review Verb anatomy  – Chart O – Pages 426 – 427.  Try to work on this once a day.

-Review other charts – especially those that the student is having trouble with.

-Daily Dialectic Discussion – pages 317 – 320.

-Editing Exercise page 315 after previewing new rules for grammar and spelling on page 316.



Lesson 20 at home:

Student Workbook Pages 133 – 135

Teacher Manual – Page 61


1.  Notes from the Brain!  See link for some different “Greek Myth” stories to get an idea of what the Greek/Roman gods were all about.

2.  Word Dynamo – See lists “by Janet” for all of our IEW Vocabulary Words!  You may want to drill these.  Upcoming vocab. games!

Answer the same questions for the Greek Myths and Our God of the Bible  so that you have a true compare/contrast – apples to apples type of paper.

Other Reference Sources:

TWSS – No reference

SRN – Nothing Specific – check Dress-ups, Decorations and Banned Words to tighten up your papers and make them “Pop”!  It’s easy to forget details from these vital resources.  Remember to look at the Evil Ka-weasel link from “week 19”  as well as the hand-out of dress-ups.

Tickets for

-every 3 vocab. Words used (see how many of these beauties you can include!)

-Looking up 3 times during the reading of your paper

-A colorful picture to go along with your story

-Title Contest





I always suggest doing the easy level first to see how the game works.  Less frustration that way.

-Central Park Hot Air Balloon Multiplication – Click on the balloons with the right answer.  When the Blimp has complete 5 questions, click on the blimp again to restart.  It will eventually fly 20 balloons in all.

Multiplication Moon Landers – Click on the correct moon lander.  It will continue to give you questions until you get 20 correct.

Fruit Shoot Division Game – Shoot the fruit with the correct answer.  3 different levels.  You can do a timed mode on this if you’d like to up the difficulty.

Peter Pig’s Money Counter- This one is just too fun.  Don’t be put off by the easy level.  You first sort the coins, but then it gets tougher.  Beware of coins on top of each other.  If it looks like there is a coin slightly hidden under another – just move it with your mouse.  Enjoy!

-Multiplication Drill – this is a simple game to practice multiplication tables up to 12.

Multiplication Chart -This is a great way to look at how multiplication works.  Just scroll over a number and see how it works!

Fantastic Fish Shop Multiplication – Click on the right answer and it scoops a fish.  Miss more than one and the game ends.

E2 – Week 19 Homework:

A few encouraging quotes to stay the course in the last few upcoming weeks:

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”~ Yogi Berra (Yogi is one of my personal favorites to discover interesting quotes)

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.”~ Vince Lombardi

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” ~ Vince Lombardi

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Author Unknown


TAKE A LOOK AT THE ARTICLE, “DO NOT GROW WEARY IN DOING GRAMMAR” located at the top right corner of the web-site.


-Complete Chart O (daily) – pg. 426 & 427 – Verb Anatomy.  Work on Anatomies of other verbs to see how the patterns remain the same.  Refer to verbs in chart D – pg. 404.

-Review other verb charts – D pg. 404, K pg. 418, and N pg. 424

-Daily Dialectic Discussion – pages 303 – 306.

-Editing Exercise – pg. 301 – reading over rules on page 302.

-Page 300 – Words of Encouragement!


Verb Type Quizzes

Different Grammar Quizzes for Verb Types.  Check out the Participle Quiz and the verb “Be”

A or An Quiz

Extra Participle help – explanation


-Student Workbook Pages 129 – 131

-Teacher Manual – Page 59


Evil Ka-Weasel – Great way to see how a paper is marked

Story from Pictures!  Get creative with this fun assignment!  Hoping to get a different story from each student!  Use the questions on page 129 for each paragraph and PLEASE refer to the “extra reference” materials below to help with this exciting assignment.

Parents – do your best to help students mark their papers correctly this week and include all the dress-ups.

NEW VOCABULARY CARDS THIS WEEK!  This is the last week for new cards!  End of year vocab. Test coming up in a few weeks!

Tickets for:

Every 3 vocab. Words used (see how many of these beauties you can include!)

Looking up 3 times during your reading

Colored picture to go along with the story

Title Contest (the “Title Contest” ticket amount varies per Mrs. Miller’s whim : )



TWSS – Page 47 – 52

SRN – Pg. 13 – Writing from Pictures


MATH:   –


If any of these are too easy – go for the timed drill.  See how fast you can complete them with complete accuracy.

-Math Addition – Fill in the Missing Digit

-Math Squares up to 20

-Multiplication – work on any number up to 12

-Division facts to 12

-Multiplication tables for 13, 14 and 15’s

WEEK 18!

WEEK 18!

Quote:  “Procrastinating makes an easy task difficult.”  (I have this saying taped up next to my computer where I can see it daily). 

REMEMBER – You have two whole weeks to complete the following.  We will be on break Friday, February 22nd.   We’ll see you back in class on Friday, March 1st!


-Engage in Dialectic Discussion with sentences from pages 289 – 292 – tasks 1-4 only.

-Editing exercise from page 287 and review new Punc./Cap. Rules along with the spelling rules from page 288.


1.  Dictate a sentence from any previous lesson (the Analytical Task/Dialectic Discussion sentences)

2.  Students label the parts of speech.

3.  Re-write the sentence as an imperative.  You can orally tell the difference in an exclamatory and Interrogative sentence.

4.  Diagram the sentence.  – Parents if you take these from your EEL guide – you will have the answers in front of you to check their work.

-See how many mastery sheets they can complete from memory.

If time:  Review Charts A, M, & N  review all charts orally – or whatever is the best method for you – Mastery is the goal.



-Page 127 – Student Workbook

-Page 57 – Teacher Manual

-You may use an encyclopedia (on-line or hard-back book), children’s book from the library, etc.

-Choose sources below your reading level.   The goal is to easily glean information about your subject.

-Don’t try to cover everything about the subject – choose 3 topics and work on each paragraph individually.

-Write the Introduction and Conclusion after writing the 3 body paragraphs.

-If doing a 3 paragraph only  – Do 3 topics, but include an Intro. sentence in the 1st paragraph covering the overall subject and a concluding sentence in last paragraph.

-USE THE CHECKLIST from page 124 for 5 paragraph in the student workbook. 

-USE THE CHECKLIST from page 125 if doing a 3 paragraph in the student workbook. 

-Parents discretion on length of paper you choose.  I highly recommend the 5 paragraph for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students.


TWSS – Pages 40 – 45 – Research Report

**SRN –  Page 10 – 5 Paragraph Basic Essay (I’m a big fan of the Student Resource Notebook – it lays out the process in such an easy to understand fashion).



3 totally new math games!

SKIP COUNTING GAME!  Excellent skip counting game that goes up much higher than 10 x the number.  This is a goody.

MULTIPLICATION BATTLESHIP! You play against the computer.  You click on a spot on the empty board and the computer clicks on your board.  Try it out and you’ll see how it works.  You may want to begin with the “easy” level until you see how it works. 

METEOR MULTIPLICATION!  Definitely try the slow speed on this one at first.  Read instructions carefully.  Use your arrow keys to move the laser into place and use the space bar to hit the target.

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